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In spite of our utmost care, some inevitable natural happenings like accidents, fire, riots or sabotage, etc can cause damage to your goods. But there is no need to worry about it as we bring you the best insurance services in India. For protecting you from these damages, we offer insurance coverage service. If you take on our services of insurance coverage then make sure that you must carry, insurance policy, lorry receipt with vehicle no, list of goods/items packed and sent, insurance premium receipt and money receipt for the payments made. We assist in fast completion of insurance paper work making you relaxed and stress free.

Moving is like an exciting new chapter in life—what possibilities it will bring, you don’t know—but the literal notion of moving all your valuables and furniture is a nuisance at best.

Be responsible and take precautions beforehand. Understand that Homeowner or Renter’s insurance may not be enough to cover potential damages or misplacement of your valuables. In fact, you should check if your homeowner’s insurance even covers damages of goods while in transit.


This is the lowest reimbursement valuation. It is, lucky for you, free. You are reimbursed for the lost of damaged item—not on the original price of the item—but by its weight in pounds. For every pound weighed, you get reimbursed sixty cents.

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