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We have 25 offices in India. Logistics can offer you an extensive network and overall coverage.

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Packers & Movers, Clearing Agents & Logistic Services

As one of India’s leading logistics company Packers & Logistics offers customized solutions to all industrial sectors with a focus on saving money and providing world class services. Packers & Logistics stands for globally competitive solutions within a trusted and customer oriented service environment. Packers & Logistics offers truly integrated Logistics Services to its customers through its privately owned fleet of more than 35 vehicles and over 20 warehouses in all major cities across India.

  • More Than 25 Offices Across India
  • We Own 35 Vehicles
  • More Than 20 Warehouses
  • 24×7 Customer Service

We have 25 offices in India. Packers & Logistics can offer you an extensive network and overall coverage. The company is now equipped to provide a complete logistics platform for domestic & international logistic requirements with more than 25 offices all over India. With a highly competent management team, supported by the knowledge of the company’s 100-people strong family, Packers & Logistics has become one of the most sought after Transportation & Logistics companies in India.

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